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Homer56712 02/10/02 07:05 AM

Favorite Morphing Phrase
Which morphing phrase did u like the best?

Jason Frank 02/10/02 07:44 AM

Mine is......WILD ACCESS

Desert Thunder Turbo 02/10/02 11:08 AM

Shift into Turbo, funnily enough

Pyro Lion Ranger 02/10/02 11:37 AM

Let's Rocket!

go galactic 02/10/02 02:51 PM

Favorite Morphing Phrase
go galactic!

Red Battle Warrior 02/10/02 02:52 PM

Mine is Let's Rocket!!

MiChaos 02/10/02 03:16 PM

Good old "It's Morphin Time"

ChronoDefender2 02/10/02 04:41 PM

"It's morphin' time". . .you can use it no matter what type of ranger you are, and it's cool.

ShadowForceBlue 02/11/02 03:19 AM

Let's rocket is cool and Time for time force

JZSpock 02/12/02 09:13 PM

Yit Se Rubai Wak!
Zordon coined this one

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