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kiraford5 01/19/07 11:40 PM

Hello...I'm Mel

My name is Mel~

Im not very religious and im not very political but when there are things i believe in, i fight for them...Dog the Bounty hunter is one of those things...i am a huge fan but thats another story...

Im "passonate" about various celebs...like Lucas Grabeel, Orlando Bloom, Leland Chapman, Zac Efron and Corbin Bleu just to name a few...

Im a pretty random person...i will laugh about things that happened the other week...sometimes it takes me that long to get a joke!

Some of my fave movies are The Breakfast Club, Grease, OMG!!! RENT!!!!, High School Musical, Pirates of the Caribbean...I mean...come on...those Pirates are effin hot!!!!

I am an Elite Member of the Dog the Bounty Hunter Fan club...thats pretty kewl...you get all the updates first and dont have to worry bout searchin the web for it...

I have green eyes, brown hair

I <33333 Alvin and the Chipmunks...Alvin, Simon, Theodore! Man...those are the best friggen chipmunks!

Im not a big country fan...but I do like rascal flatts, keith urban, and josh turner...OH...and billy ray cyrus!!! Who doesnt like them!

My friends and family mean everything to me. My guitar is my baby and my car is too. Okay, so I cant drive yet, but my car is there waitin for me in our driveway. My real passion is life, besides Orlando Bloom and my guitar, is cooking. I am planning on opening a resturaunt/bakery with my best cousin EVER, Briana. Shes a junior in Florida and I'm a freshman here but we got school and everything all planned out. So dont worry!

Are ya still with me...if so lets continue! If your getting totally bored...DEAL WITH IT! LOL! ♥

Im a little ways into high school and it seems as if everything ive done up till now has just prepared me for this. Its as if nothing has ever been a chapter, but a mere prologue to my life's story book. My life is finally started to matter and the things Ive dreamed about all my life are comming closer. I might have 14 years on me, but my life is just beginning!

So, if ya wanna know more...just tell me~

The Eye of Isis 01/22/07 07:41 PM

Hi Mel. It's very nice to meet you. I like this Intro thread idea. It can help us get to know each other. I'd tell you who I am but it's a secret. hehe


01/22/07 08:12 PM

hi! LOL!

kiraford5 01/22/07 08:13 PM

sorry...that was me! forgot to log in!

RavenX 01/23/07 12:01 AM

Hey Mel. What's up? 8)

kiraford5 01/23/07 06:17 PM

hey raven! not much! how bout you?

RavenX 01/25/07 10:20 PM

I'm fine. Nice intro. 8) I feel this place is going to be just fine. We have great members.


kiraford5 01/25/07 11:03 PM

i hope so!

greywolf 01/30/07 04:43 AM

That was a great Intro Mel. Glad to see you back on. I really hope we can get some of the old gang to come back too.

kiraford5 01/30/07 01:18 PM

thanks Jon!

i came back as soon as i got wind that it was back up!

i hope we can as well!

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