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Adam White Tiger 01/10/15 10:33 PM

Adam and Tanya?
Adam and Tayna made such a good couple. I wish they had become an official item. They clearly loved each other. If I was writing a where are they now. Adam and Tanya would be married. They were such a good match for each other. Adam would have been a much better boyfriend than Shawn.

PRangerX 01/11/15 04:43 PM

Re: Adam and Tanya?
I think they were just best friends. Adam and Tanya had a lot in common. I don't think it had anything to do with being romantically invovled. Billy and Trini were the same way.

Captain Codfish 01/14/15 12:48 AM

Re: Adam and Tanya?
Just because a man and a woman are friends doesn't mean they are romantically involved.

MMPR Forever 01/14/15 12:51 AM

Re: Adam and Tanya?
I disagree. I think Adam and Tanya were an item. They did too much together. Also Adam was clearly into Tanya when she dated Shawn.

I thought Billy and Trini were definitely attracted to each other. Billy was just too scared to ask her out.

No Green Spandex 01/14/15 12:53 AM

Re: Adam and Tanya?
I always thought Billy and Kim made a better couple. They had good chemistry in the episode with the fish. I don't know what Kim saw in Tommy. Especially during season 2. I think Billy should have asked Kim out first.

KimandTommy 01/14/15 12:55 AM

Re: Adam and Tanya?
No way, Kim and Tommy were destined to be together. Billy and Kim were just goos friends.

Kilobyte 01/14/15 12:57 AM

Re: Adam and Tanya?
Don't you mean Tommy and Kat? They ended up getting married in the future based on the Zeo Christmas episode.

KimandTommy 01/14/15 08:36 AM

Re: Adam and Tanya?
I don't count that. Tommy and Kim should have been married. Kat was just a cheap replacement for Kim who didn't deserve Tommy.

MattEmily 01/14/15 12:01 PM

Re: Adam and Tanya?
Kat does deserve him and you can't just choose to disregard episodes from actual continuity otherwise you'd be no better than Tzachor who wanted to remove ALL of the Disney seasons that he did not work on.

Kimberly is the one that doesn't deserve Tommy. She was nothing more than being there so he could save her from disaster and on top of which she was pathetic enough to DUMP him in a letter.

Kat was actually THERE FOR TOMMY when Kimberly was pathetic enough to DUMP him in a LETTER. She even tried matching him up with Heather DESPITE her own romantic feelings towards him.

Kat was actually a lot more caring towards him than Tommy ever was not to mention I can't ever see Kimberly actually volunteering herself as a distraction like Kat herself did so Tommy could go down to get the Zeo Crystal beneath Rita and Zedd's palace.

Summer Is Rich 01/14/15 12:56 PM

Re: Adam and Tanya?
I have nothing against Kat. I do like Kimberly better. I really got into the love story with Tommy and Kim. Kat was deffinitly good and in love with Tommy. I see Kim as more Tommy's type though.

I thought it was stupid for Kim to do the Dear John Letter. Made no sense and seemed out of character. They did seem to be on friendly terms in the Turbo Movie.

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