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chronoranger 04/04/01 07:21 PM

18+ Only Question (not dirty, but not 4 kids!)
Pick the 3 SEXIEST Rangers:
(Guys choose girl Rangers, Ladies choose guy Rangers. If your gay, choose whatever, hehe.)

I want to point out I don't mean "cute" or "nice" but the Ranger who you find the most PHYSICALLY attractive=)

My Three:
1) Kat Hillard
2) Ashley Hammond
3) Maya (nothing beats that jungle outfit, grrr)

Delta Red 04/04/01 07:22 PM

Damn man, your pick list is the same as my list!(not in that order however. ~_o)

Dragon Voyager2 04/04/01 07:56 PM

I would pick,...:

1. Astronema/Karone
2. Kimberly
3. Kat
4. Ashley
5. Jen
6. Dana

-- :)
BTW -- Have any of you read "18+" power rangers fanfics?

ForeverBlue 04/04/01 09:16 PM

Re: RE:
The sexiest female rangers for me in order is:


Jason38UK 04/04/01 09:23 PM

I wouldn't say "sexy" or "sexiest" was like 18+ or anything I mean the wimpy Fox Kids promos can get away with it (on the "Sexy and black" adds they aired back in 2000)

Anyway (no real order) :
Cassie,Ashley,Maya + Kim. :rolling:

ForeverBlue 04/04/01 09:56 PM

Why not Kat too Jason, she's nice too.

chronoranger 04/05/01 01:02 AM

Guys, i said THREE.

KibaDairanger 04/05/01 01:39 AM

1)Ashley Hammond
2)Kimberly Hart
3)Karone (Gotta Like The Black Leather)

Jason38UK 04/05/01 09:49 AM

I tagged Kim on the end as a kind of runner up.
So techincally I did have 3 ;)
As for Kat - no way, she never really impressed me much in MMPR or Zeo with her ultra pale appearence then in the Turbo Movie she got a bimbo look tanned and bleached blond :rolleyes: she looked really "trashy".

cosmicbimbo 04/05/01 12:02 PM

mike, carlos, lucas

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