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Super Cena 12/02/16 10:55 PM

Was Time Force evil?
Was Time Force evil like Ransik made it seem to Wes?

Ranger Master 12/03/16 09:11 AM

Re: Was Time Force evil?
Time Force was a facist organization that ultimately created the mutants themselves by there genetic experiments. They then preceeded to persecute them and lead a lot to a life of crime. Even ones that were innocent got arrested.

Lightspeed Zeo 12/03/16 01:08 PM

Re: Was Time Force evil?
I don't buy it. Most of the mutants the Rangers presued were ruthless criminals. Time Force was.trying to protect its citizens and preserve the timeline when anyone tried to mess with it. Ransik himself did horrible things before his change of heart. There was diffinitly prejudice in the 30th century but no society is perfect. Time Force was not a currupt body.

MattEmily 12/03/16 06:31 PM

Re: Was Time Force evil?
no I don't believe Time Force was evil they were just following procedure. Yes it's possible some people treated mutants bad as we saw with Notacon but he still stole so he was considered a criminal he just wasn't as bad of a mutant as most of them were.

We already knew how evil Ransik was just for the simple fact that he stole from Dr. Ferricks, destroyed his lab and had nearly murdered Ferricks even though Ferricks was just trying to help him so all Ransik wanted was power I don't believe he was completely telling the truth with the story that he told to Wes.

KimandTommy 12/03/16 07:48 PM

Re: Was Time Force evil?
Ransik was evil, not Time Force. I think Ransik was too dark and scary for Power Rangers.

Inner Senshi 12/03/16 07:50 PM

Re: Was Time Force evil?
They really should think before they put bad guys on there that can scare the kids. I don't think Time Force was evil. The Power Rangers are always the good guys.

Zeo Power 12/03/16 08:13 PM

Re: Was Time Force evil?
I didn't find Time Force or their Rangers to be very likeable. The only likeable one was Wes and he wasn't even official.

Goldar's Revenge 12/03/16 08:17 PM

Re: Was Time Force evil?
This is one of the most disappointing dropped plots in Time Force. They set up the interestinf idea of Time Force being corrupt or part of the problem...Only to drop it due to trying to be Timeranger.

Zordon's Legacy Exposed 12/03/16 08:20 PM

Re: Was Time Force evil?
Time Force is very much like Zordon. They believe what they are doing is for the greater good but are willing to do anything to complete there agenda. Time Force's mutant assualt was really a way of covering up that they were the ones responsible for the genetic mutations.

Time Force Traitor 12/04/16 12:34 AM

Re: Was Time Force evil?
I don't really think they were. I mean nothing we saw really demonstrated that. The mutants they captured were all criminals. Ransik did horrible things and brought a lot of his problems on himself. If he would have trusted Ferrik's, his life would have been better.

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