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DarkMan 01/24/07 11:45 AM

first act in general
razi or anyone this is a new year and representing myself on behalf of myself i am asking the admins to clear the darth vader stuff from last year im tired of looking all of that bull i posted on there for no reason at all so if this request can be granted i appriceate it thank you :)

RavenX 01/25/07 10:18 PM

That's great. 8)

Razi 01/26/07 01:42 AM

you know, that is a good idea. I will do what I can, when I have time, but thats one tha thing that I am in a crunch for. I will do my best.


DarkMan 01/27/07 12:49 AM

thank you very much

DarkMan 01/27/07 12:53 AM

one more thing if this wish can be granted can u get rid of the name of darth vader too please and thank you

Razi 01/27/07 03:51 PM

yeah. no problem.


DarkMan 01/27/07 05:45 PM

yes ide like to celebrate a toast to the death of darth vader and the rise and rebirth of this forum

kiraford5 01/28/07 01:15 AM


Let this be a happy new year! with the forum bright and shiny with its rebirth!


The Eye of Isis 01/28/07 09:56 AM

Cheers! I have a feeling that this is going to be a wonderful year. :P

I'll be watching. Congrads to Raven on becoming an Admin. With PRangerX, Razi and Raven as Admins this place is in good hands. Hope is more than I thought now. It is a definate possiblity. To the rebirth!!


kiraford5 01/28/07 04:02 PM

Yes! To the rebirth, to making this year one of the best years!

greywolf 01/30/07 04:52 AM

Not a bad idea Travis. *Raises a Glass in Toast* Here Is To A New Year And A New Start.

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