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MattEmily 02/19/12 05:45 PM

Megazord Cockpits
I was wondering where everyone thought the Megazord cockpits were at and this just implies to the Megazords that actually had a Megazord cockpit so this would count the Predazord.

Now as I recall the MMPR Megazord and the MMPR Thunder Megazord were in the chest since they were in the T-Rex and the Red Dragonzord.

Both of the new Megazords in Season 3 along with the 2 Zeo Megazords also had theirs in the head.
I believe the Ninja Megazord's head was the Cranezord and the Shogun's head was the Red Shogun. For Zeo, it was Zeozord 5 and Super Zeozord 2.

For Turbo, I believe the Turbo Megazord was in the chest due to it being in Justin's zord.

For Turbo's Rescue Megazord, it was the chest since it was in Red's zord.
For the Astro Megazord, it was the head which was the Shuttle.

For Time Force, it was the head.

However the other ones, I'm not really sure about.

Mad Dragon 02/21/12 10:39 PM

Re: Megazord Cockpits
Well... the Mega Voyager, I believe they were all united in the back end of Mega V2. You can see it when the MV forms.

Mega Winger has its cockpit in the Head.

In PRLG, I don't think they were ever together in a unified cockpit, they all remained inside their own galactabeasts I think.

I can't remember them specifically piloting the other 3 zords on one occassion (Aside form Deviot's remote control) but I assume they had a cockpit if someone wanted to really control them

I'm not sure about many of the others.

SPD though had this whole thing with having no whole cockpit and rather just all the rangers remaining seperate.

I know the Delta Squad Megazord, they all had singular cockpits. They weren't ever together. The same occured with the SWAT.

I assume the Delta Command's Cockpit was in the Head which was located at the back of Base.

Omegamax would be at the back since the back tilts upwards like the DCM.

MattEmily 02/22/12 12:12 AM

Re: Megazord Cockpits
You're correct with Galaxy. They were always in their Galactazords. It's possible the other 3 once-missing zords had cockpits but it's never been shown in Power Rangers or Gingaman so for all we know they don't have cockpits.

I believe for the Lightspeed Megazord and the Supertrain Megazord, they were in their solo zords, never together. However I do recall Omega and Lifeforce having an united cockpit.

The Storm Megazord and Ninja Storm's Thunder Megazord also had them kept in their regular zords. I believe they only went into an united cockpit for the Hurricane Megazord.

For the Wild Force Megazord and the Kongazord, we can assume it would be the chest area since that is where they went through and the Soul Bird always entered through the back in order to form its cockpit inside.

Mad Dragon 02/22/12 07:08 AM

Re: Megazord Cockpits

Supertrain Megazord, they were in their solo zords, never together.
For the Supertrain, they were all together from the beginning. It's a bit confusing though, as Rail Rescue 1 (Red) was at the front of the Train but it became the Right Arm. Where as Rail Rescue 3 (Green) formed the Head but that's a bit stupid controlling a Train from the Middle.

So we have them either driving the train from the middle carriage.... Or controlling the Megazord from an Arm. >.<

With the Thundersaurus Megazord, My first Guess would be the Tyranno Head in the Middle. Red is already located there before the Transformation. Pterazord wraps around it. and The Tricerazord is closer to there then the Megazord Head... Makes a bit mroe Sense. Mystic Force doesn't have any Cockpits as they are the Zords.

OO I think had solo Zords and then they all join in one large room.

I'm not sure about Jungle Fury or RPM. But Samurai merges and then they teleport to one large room. I do believe it is in the head.

MattEmily 02/22/12 12:26 PM

Re: Megazord Cockpits
For Thundersaurus, I do believe it would have to be within Conner's zord since there was that 1 instance where it formed without Kira's zord.

The Supertrain is definitely confusing since while it looks like an united cockpit, it stilll looks like they're in different zords.

Jungle Fury only had 1 solo cockpit. They weren't usually shown in the cockpits until the Megazord formed with the exception of the 2 extra Rangers.

MattEmily 04/22/14 09:41 PM

Re: Megazord Cockpits

Originally Posted by MattEmily (Post 43433)
The Storm Megazord and Ninja Storm's Thunder Megazord also had them kept in their regular zords. I believe they only went into an united cockpit for the Hurricane Megazord.

Hurricane Megazord's cockpit was in the part of the Ninja Firebird that made up the helmet.

MattEmily 09/14/14 01:32 AM

Re: Megazord Cockpits
Okay so I thought I should bump this up to bring it up again.
Mastodon Dinozord =
Pterodactyl Dinozord =
Triceratops Dinozord =
Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozord =
Tyrannosaurus Dinozord =
Dragonzord =
Dino Megazord = Inside the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord but on the chest of the Megazord.
Lion Thunderzord =
Firebird Thunderzord =
Unicorn Thunderzord =
Griffin Thunderzord =
Red Dragon Thunderzord = Seen as being the same cockpit as the Thunder Megazord's.
Thunder Megazord = Inside Red Dragon Thunderzord but on the chest of the Megazord.
Tigerzord/WM =
Falcon Ninjazord =
Frog Ninjazord =
Crane Ninjazord =
Wolf Ninjazord =
Bear Ninjazord =
Ape Ninjazord =
Ninja Megazord/Megafalconzord = Inside the head which is the Crane Ninjaazord.
White Shogunzord =
Black Shogunzord =
Blue Shogunzord =
Yellow Shogunzord =
Red Shogunzord =
Shogun Megazord/Megafalconzord = whatever makes up the head.
Zeozord 1 = Inside the piece that becomes a Battle Helmet.
Zeozord 2 = Directly below her Battle Helmet piece.
Zeozord 3 = Above the face.
Zeozord 4 =
Zeozord 5 = In the head.
Zeo Megazord = Definitely in the head which is part of Zeozord 5.
Pink Super Zeozord = Enters the visor so the cockpit must be in the head.
Yellow Super Zeozord = Enters the head's visor so her cockpit must be in the head.
Blue Super Zeozord = Enters somewhere in the head so the cockpit must be in the head.
Green Super Zeozord = Enters the head above the visor so that appears to be where his cockpit is at.
Red Super Zeozord = Enters apparently above his head's visor so the cockpit must be in the head.
Super Zeo Megazord = In the head which is in Tanya's Super Zeozord.
Red Battlezord = In the head.
Pyramidas Battle Mode = Trey enters Pyramidas in Pyramid Mode through the hole at the front however he teleports down into the cockpit from above so all we can assume is that it's somewhere below the hole at the moment.
Desert Thunder =
Wind Chaser =
Mountain Blaster =
Dune Star =
Red Lightning =
Turbo Megazord = At first it would've been seen as being in Justin's Mountain Blaster Turbozord but General Havoc's Chromites breaking into the cockpit contradicted this so now I do not know.
Robo Racer/Robo Racer Battle Mode =
Car Mode/Thunder Loader Rescuezord High Stance Mode =
Car Mode/Wind Rescue Rescuezord High Stance Mode =
Car Mode/Siren Blaster Rescuezord High Stance Mode =
Car Mode/Star Racer Rescuezord High Stance Mode =
Car Mode/Lightning Fire Tamer Rescuezord High Stance Mode =
Rescue Megazord = Inside the Megazord chest piece which is Lightning Fire Tamer.
Artillatron =
Astro Megazord = Inside the head which comes from the Mega Shuttle.
Delta Megazord =
Mega Vehicle 1 =
Mega Vehicle 2 =
Mega Vehicle 3 =
Mega Vehicle 4 =
Mega Vehicle 5 =
Mega Voyager =
Shuttle Mode/Mega Winger Battle Mode =
Condor GalactaBeast/Galactazord =
Wildcat GalactaBeast/Galactazord =
Gorillla GalactaBeast/Galactazord =
Wolf GalactaBeast/Galactazord =
Lion GalactaBeast/Galactazord =
Galaxy Megazord = Solo cockpits.
Lightspeed Megazord = Solo cockpits
Supertrain Megazord = Hard to tell if it's an united cockpit or not so at the moment I don't have an answer for this one.
Omega Megazord = United cockpit, no idea where it'd be.
Liforce Megazord = United cockpit, dunno where it'd be at.
Time Flyer 1 =
Time Flyer 2 =
Time Flyer 3 =
Time Flyer 4 =
Time Flyer 5 =
Time Force Megazord = In the head.
Wild Force Megazord = Inside the zord that makes up the chest which was always the Lionzord.
Kongazord = Inside the zord that makes up the chest which was always the Green Gorillazord.
Predazord = Inside the Alligator.
Isis Megazord = Inside the zord that makes up the chest which was the Red Falconzord.
Lion Ninjazord =
Hawk Ninjazord =
Dolphin Ninjazord =
Crimson Insectizord =
Navy Beetlezord =
Samurai Star Chopper/Megazord =
Hurricane Megazord = Inside the Ninja Firebird piece that makes up the Megazord's helmet.
Thundersaurus Megazord = Inside the Tyrannozord.
Dino Stegazord = not sure since they've went in through both zords.
Mezodon Megazord = Inside the Chariot.
Delta Command Megazord =
Omegamax Megazord =
Solar Streak Megazord =
Drivemax Megazord =
DualDrive Megazord =
Flashpoint Megazord = Has to be in his Fire Truckzord but where exactly on his zord is the question.
Battlefleet Megazord =
Jungle Pride Megazord = Appears to be inside of the Tiger Spirit because they were still in it despite being in the Stampede Formation.
Jungle Master Megazord =
Rhino Warrior Mode =
High Octane Megazord = individual cockpits.
Valvemax Megazord = individual cockpits.
Mach Megazord = Solo cockpits.
Zenith Megazord = Inside the Croc Carrier piece that makes up the Megazord's helmet.
SkyRev Megazord =
Paleomax Megazord =
RPM Ultrazord =
Samurai Megazord =
Clawzord/Clawzord Battle Mode =
Bull Megazord =
Gosei Great Megazord =
Gosei Grand Megazord =
Gosei Ultimate Megazord =
Gosei Jet Megazord =
Legendary Megazord = Inside the Skyship. According to our view from looking at the Megazord, it would be in the Megazord's Head being whatever on the Skyship that makes up the head.
Q-Rex Megazord = Inside the Megazord head.
Dino Charge Megazord =
Ptera Charge Megazord =
Plesio Charge Megazord (placeholder name since I don't remember the name) =
Titanozord/Titano Charge Megazord (placeholder name) =

MattEmily 09/18/14 04:52 PM

Re: Megazord Cockpits
High Octane Megazord has individual cockpits.

MattEmily 09/18/14 11:06 PM

Re: Megazord Cockpits
Valvemax Megazord has individual cockpits.

MattEmily 09/20/14 12:35 AM

Re: Megazord Cockpits
Zenith Megazord has an united cockpit. Its cockpit appears to be in the helmet which comes from the bottom of the Croc Carrier.

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