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emma 08/19/06 05:48 PM

Clearing crap up
This will be my very last time on this board. I know i have said this before but i have been hearing things about what certain posters are saying...

I dont understand why you are all cheesed at me for not coming to this board, as i made an announcement last year that i wanted this board taken down and i wouldnt post here anymore, because of the way the majority of you act. For whatever reaason it wasn't taken down - thats fine but it doesn't change what i said.

For those of you saying i treat my "fans" like crap...
I recall sending out a huge number of signed photos - i never asked for postage money, or copying money.. i covered all the costs myself.
I also recall replying to a huge number of emails personally...
i also recall replying to a huge number of posts on this message board...
But for a lot of you nothing is ever good enough.
And those of you saying i didn't respond to your letters - i have responded to everything i recieved in my hand so there muyst have been a problem with postage or an incorrect address.

For those of you saying crap about my boyfriend who is "bringing my career down" i would like to inform you that you have no idea why i had to leave my situation in New York (which is also none of your business) and for legal reasons i have kept the information to myself.

Yes my website has been taken down because i have decided to go back to acting.

Don't complain about the people on rangerboard either, they are a lot more grateful and less whiney.

And i am not talking about all the posters here - you know who you are.
As for those that have been supportive and kind i thank you for that.
As for the rest of you i sure hope you aren't as annoying and spoiled as you come across...

ybrik 08/19/06 06:16 PM

o darn, i think i hav no motivation 2 come 2 this board ne more... i think im gonna jump off a cliff now..... *jumps off a curb*

JasonDavidFrankFan4Life 08/20/06 03:33 AM

emma, i just wanna say that i'm grateful for the times you have shown up and the people who demand that u post here more often r just plain stupid because u r busy and i understand that cuz i got friends that go on national tv every week and get in a wrestling ring and get the crap beat out of them and they work hard. i know how it is not having a friend around when needed. these so called "fans" that demand more of u r stupid. and also, emma, i love ur songs. i'm always singing them when i get bored or just sad or whatever. they pick me up big time.

i know i've caused fights on here in the past but things have changed. the guy known as travis that u hated that i once stood up for started stalking me and i finally got rid of him. my friend razi is an admin i believe on here. i'm sorry for the fights i caused but i have changed because i've gone through so much and i've had my friends help me through bad times. and emma, i think the reason this forum didn't get shut down last year was cuz of aaron being admin on here. he was controling. he banned me for no reason and when the admin powers switch, he was suppose to be baned but he figured out how to get back on here and ya know, i think there r good people running this now and so i say, don't close it, just have the admins say if they see anything like fighting that the people fighting will be banned. i mean, me and some friends got a good admin system on some message boards we run and it seems to work cuz i'm pretty mean at times because i have to watch out for certian people showing up that aren't allowed there. and so just keep this up. it's a really awesome message board.

i may diss rangerboard but that's cuz they treated me like crap. this place has yet to treat me like crap (except for aaron). this is one big message board family that accepts newcommers with open arms!

lots of love,

kiraford5 08/20/06 11:47 AM

I know you said it before Emma but I'm glad you decided to post one last time.

I also want to thank you for the signed autograph. Your reply to that inspired me to start a collection of autographs. And it also inspired me to think that anything is possible. You are my inspiration as to the songs I write and record. I might not be a very good singer but thanx for the inspiration!

Thanx for being as kind as you are. I will continue to back your career up 100%. I have never seen you in anything I didnt like. I hope your acting career goes terrific.

The Best Of Luck,
Melanie and William Turner

SkataPunkA7X 08/20/06 09:48 PM

whoa where can i send out for autographs?

and does that mean that you're no longer recording anything?

TheDarkOne 08/21/06 12:42 PM

That was a bit harsh but at least we do have some answers now. That's all I wanted and if I was labeled as one of the whiners, its not my fault, I just wanted to know what was up and I know I wasn't the only one. Well I'm happy to know whats up, hopefully we'll see a new site soon to know where she's going with her acting though I would have loved to get my hands her CD. I'm also gonna say this, I may have my faults but I'm a dedicated fan, always have and always will be.

â„¢H2Kâ„¢ 08/23/06 04:14 AM

It sucks that it has come to this but I understand what you're saying and I am grateful of what you do and how you communicate with you fans because some celebs are too busy to do what you do but you make time for your fans and I am grateful for that thanks. I will be behind you in anything you do and I'm glad to here you will be getting back in front of the camera and I look forward to your next project. I hope that you will provide us with another source soon with a way to communicate with you but if not I understand. Anyways I want to wish you the best of luck with your music and your acting career and just keep being your awesome self PEACE.

AxelRose 08/24/06 07:46 PM

oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh burnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

NICE ONE EMMA!!!! *big hug* You tell em!

SkataPunkA7X 08/24/06 11:03 PM

haha ax, while i totally agree with your post


you spelled rose's name wrong....(not trying to be rude, im a gnr fanatic) its axl

KiraFordFan2005 08/25/06 03:29 AM

I've always been a huge supportive fan of miss Lahana and always will be, and I don't know why people complained...we should be focusing on Emma's career and not her personal life...the career is what matters most to me :) well, I hope emma gets into music again, cause I loved the music :) but the acting is just as wonderful :)

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