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Inner Senshi 10/01/17 07:13 PM

Power Rider
When is Power Rider going to come out?

Goldar's Revenge 10/01/17 07:18 PM

Re: Power Rider
The trademark Saban Brands took out after they bought PR back?

Never. Whatever plans they might have had for Kamen Rider seem to have been dropped.

Putty On The Brain 10/01/17 08:19 PM

Re: Power Rider
Its too bad. I would have liked to have seen this get made. I loved Masked Rider!

Captain Codfish 10/02/17 04:09 PM

Re: Power Rider
Saban Brands may have just got their hands on Kamen Rider rights so no one else could make a rival series.

Red With Evil 10/02/17 04:09 PM

Re: Power Rider
As long as Furbus doesn't come back lol

Diabolico Rising 10/02/17 10:21 PM

Re: Power Rider
I think its safe to say nothing came from that idea.

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